We live in a culture that tries to deny death. Yet we all die at some point. We often spend months or years planning weddings, births, businesses, and so forth. But too frequently we leave the plans for our final days in the hands of loved ones who too often don’t really know what we want at the end of life and just beyond.

There are a handful of essential documents that, when prepared ahead of time, can greatly relieve stress and confusion later. The most obvious one is the Will*, but there are others, and we can help you decide what you need and how to prepare some of these documents.

 Whatever your belief system or background, we can work with you to identify what you want and how to increase the likelihood that your loved ones know and can follow through on those wishes.

You may be in a position to start considering Advance Directives, that is, what level of medical intervention you would like and in what circumstances.

Another area that interests many are alternatives to modern burial practices. Are you interested in Green Burial? Cremation? Other options? We can talk about what is available in Massachusetts right now and what your preferences are.