Our goal is to help people die with dignity and compassion. We can help facilitate conversations with family members and others so that the end of your life is lived on your terms, and they know what your wishes are for care, and when the time comes, your death, funeral or memorial, and final resting.

The process of dying today has been taken out of the hands of the dying themselves and their family members. Not that long ago, families tended to their dying and beloved dead, including tending to their bodies, washing and grooming them, and burying them, often at home. This included plenty of time to say goodbye. Being able to touch the bodies of your loved ones is an important part of the grieving and healing process, a part that is often denied to us today.

We can help you by letting you know what your options are, advocating for and with you during your final days, and at funeral homes as you and your family make final preparations. We can also sit vigil with the dying person or support those who are doing that.

If you are interested in taking charge of the planning for your own final rite of passage, please contact us.