For thousands of years, music has been used in therapeutic settings, either as the therapy itself, or as a support for healing. Modern studies have consistently shown the benefits of live music in stabilizing vital signs as well as in reducing pain, stress, and anxiety. The harp, in particular, has been found to have especially healing effects, possibly due to its high number of strings and the overtones that it is capable of producing.

A 2015 study by the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management documented a number of important effects of live harp music. The study found that fatigue, anxiety, sadness, relaxation, and pain were significantly improved by harp therapy in 30-50 percent of patients.

In fact, among healthcare workers in COVID units who listened to just 30 minutes of therapeutic music during their shift, a reduction of 44.74% in their stress levels was reported.

Chris is available to play the harp in a variety of settings, from common spaces where healthcare workers congregate, to hospital lobbies, to patient rooms, or at your home.

For more information on therapeutic music services, see Chris’s harp page.